Here you can download information materials and documents.

R - stick logo

logo R - stick
ZIP file with the most used graphic formats.  You can use it for your needs. 

Drumsticks catalog

Katalog paliček

PDF catalog containing the basic offer of drumsticks with a table of dimensions and properties.

Pictures of drumsticks

Obrázky paliček

ZIP archive containing all available images of R - sticks in different sizes.  If you need these images for example in your shop or on your site you have everything available.

General Terms and Conditions

Všeobecné obchodní podmínky

Trade Certificate

Živnostenský list

And finally some history.....

Povolení MNV

Authorization of the Local National Committee in Velky Beranov to operate a wood turning service.  Here you can see our first document from socialism which started and legalized our activity.

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