Do you want original drumsticks, that determine your personality and promote you or your band? Do you need drumsticks for your fans, or as a gift? No problem - we will be glad to fulfill your wish by creating your own print. We can print anything on drumstick - your logo, signature or picture. Original print on your drumsticks will highliqht your unique personality and makes you visible as original drummer.


We print only your logo on drumstick. There will be nothing that can identify us as its maker. This will guarantee you that your print will be your personal unique mark. Creation of print plate must be paid, it´s price can be found in our e-shop, there it can also be ordered. Printing itself is free, because is in price of drumstick. Also amount is not critical as we can print even only one pair. And after that, with any other offer we apply your print on drumstick automaticaly, so you dont have to re-order.


This is how print looks - and if you want to look what we have made so far, examples of  prints can be found on those pages: Older logos, Newer logos and logos for shops.




What you have to do to realize your original print?


We need your supporting documents for desing of print and some ideas of what you want to have on drumstick. It´s not necessary to keep evrything together. Within your options try to give us those documents as sharp as possible. Size doesnt matter, as we can customize it, but bigger is better. Signature should be made by stronger pen or lighter marker. Its good to send us more options to give us more possibilites, but its not necessary.

Material can be send to us on paper (original or printed) or as common graphic files: GIF,JPG,EPS,TIF,BMP,WMR,CDR etc. It also can be in *.zip or *,rar, then you just send it to us by email. It can be also taken by digital camera or phone, then just send it to us. It´s not necessary for you to make your own logo - leave it to us, all you need to od is to tell us your basic idea, how the logo should look. 

parametry-potisku.gifTechnically, is drumstick printable area of about 75 x 12 mm - as shown in the figure. If the drumstick is weaker, height of printing must be reduced. The diagram is a labeled rectangle which must contain all the graphic elements that will be used in the logo. The ellipse in the picture is for your reference only and displays the ideal surface that will be removed from the plate during the actual printing.

Negativ_thumbs.gifProposal for a plate in one or more variants (as applicable) will be sent to approval. It is important to get an idea of how it will look printed on drumstick. Design is dispatched as you can see on demo file after clicking - in 1:1 and logo placement in the square that represents the printing area of  plates. This means that when you print a file on the printer it must have a square size 10x10cm. Rectangle around the logo is for reference only and shows the printable area. It wont appear on original . At this stage, the entire design can be seamlessly changed and modified according to your comments. After final approval of the draft motion picture will be producted, and from it own printing plate.

That would be basically everything - and if you are wondering how such a plate is produced or how to make our work easier, you can go to the next page where we explain everything.

If you want a gift for your fans,it  can for this purpose be made with a very friendly price. For more information, please contact us.
After clicking on a thumbnail to see a draft press plate. Click the left mouse button to save it. When you print it out, you will see the actual size of the print on the drumstick at a scale of 1:1. And do not forget to set the image print size before printing.